Start of season information

Start of season information

By Beth Procter
19 September
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Kicking off the season with some "Time for Fun"

The new 19/20 season is kicking off now and there are many exciting things planned for the season ahead!

But first of all, the boring stuff...

Club Fees

Fees are now due so all club members need to ensure that these are paid on time. The club operates a no pay, no play policy so you will need to be a paying member to be selected. If you need more time to make arrangements for payment, please get in contact with your club captain.

Update Your Information

In order to make sure that we have the right membership data we ask that you all log in and check your account and ensure that you have everything correct and updated. Can you please check as a minimum that we have the following:

• Full Name
• D.O.B
• Email address

If you are looking to play for us this season, can you please check you are assigned as a club member at Milton Keynes Hockey Club and that you are also assigned as a player to the correct team. If you are unsure which team you will be playing for please speak to the coaches during the next training session. They will either advise you which team to update in your membership account, or you will be invited by the club via Pitchero at a later date once selection has been finalised.

If you are no longer playing for Milton Keynes can you please change your player team to "Past Player" or drop us an email to let us know so we can update your information to reflect this (we will also know not to chase you for payment of fees!). We are sorry to see you go but please remember you are always welcome back!

Once you have been assigned to a team can you please also update your availability for each of the matches - at least up until Christmas. We appreciate this can change but as a starting point it really helps your captains each week with organising the teams and we wouldn't want you to miss a match either.

Now for something a little more interesting...

We have a number of exciting socials planned for the season, with the first one on Saturday 12 October. Our lovely social secretary has organised (and by popular request) a Bingo night. For those of you feeling Lucky it starts at the club house from 7pm. It will be no Cup of Tea for some but a game Made in Heaven for others. Just don't get Stuck in a Tree on the way into Woughton Park because you will miss the Two Little Ducks with their Legs Eleven moving away like a Dancing Queen. So on Doctors Orders the game will start at 7:30pm sharp. Bingo Dabbers will be available but feel free to bring your own from Theresa's Den!

There will be more socials coming up so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information.

Good Luck to everyone for your season and we look forward to seeing you next month at the social.

Milton Keynes Hockey Club

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