Selection Policy

Selection Policy

Selection Panel
The Selection Panel will consist of;

  • Team captains;
  • Coaches;
  • Director of Hockey; and
  • Club Captain
Selection will be decided on a Wednesday evening by the Selection Panel and Players are informed on the Thursday morning. This enables flexibility to cover for injuries. It is the duty of the Selection Panel to construct, with the players available, the most balanced teams, playing the best standard of Hockey that they can. Selection will be based on merit given the requirements of the Club, the individual Teams, and the development of talent.

Selection criteria
Selection will be based on the following criteria. Club Requirements indicated must be meet and the player attributes (in no particular order) are consider as a blend in the best interest of the Club and the Teams.

Club Requirements

  • Paid up membership
  • Up to date match fees
  • The best interests of the Club

Player Attributes

  • Commitment to availability on Saturdays
  • Attendance and effort at training.
  • Prompt/ pro-active/ reliable communication
  • Punctuality
  • Fitness and pace.
  • Experience and Skills.
  • Enthusiasm and positive attitude.
  • Willingness to learn, be flexible, and to adapt.
  • Position the team requires filling. (i.e. best players for any chosen system.)
  • Potential to develop / improve.
  • Discipline- in terms of playing ability, and also respect for the umpires, the opposition and teammates. N.B.- All players are expected to conduct themselves on and off the pitch.

Player Responsibility
It is the responsibility of each individual player to ensure their information is kept up to date. No information will be regarded as unavailable. It is NOT expected of captains to pursue individual players to establish their availability. Players are advised that failure to confirm availability may mean that an individual player risks missing out on selection for their regular team, or perhaps at all, on that date. It should also be recognised that availability and selection are not the same thing. Selection procedures can only begin once accurate information regarding player availability is gathered.

It is important that members recognise that if they are asked to move up or down a team it is intended to be in the best interest of the club. It is reasonable for the club to promote the development of committed young players and to see their inclusion into appropriate teams. It is assumed that players will be willing to play for whichever team they are selected for. Movement within the teams should become an accepted part of selection and players should not expect to be guaranteed a place in a particular team. This should be borne in mind when players return from injury or other lengthy absences. New players to the club should start at an appropriate level decided by the selection process. If players are deemed to be selected for a lower team then they should be selected for the next senior team. It is up to the captain who de-selected the player to inform him/her of the decision and the reasons why it was taken. This must happen before the team-sheet is published and should not form a discussion point during training itself.

It is intended to confirm Team Selections by predetermined deadlines. It is recognised that occasionally changes within teams may be required at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness / injury). Team selection will be drawn from the collated information on member availability. Selection will be decided from the 1st X1 Teams downwards. It is expected of players to acknowledge the need for the club to put the requirements of its highest teams first. Quality of selection within higher teams should not be compromised to assist lower teams, in line with League directives.

Club vs school hockey
The club does not have a policy around club vs school. It is at the discretion of the player and their parents on which should be prioritised. A player will not be penalised for not selecting club availability, but players should be aware that availability is within the blend of player attributes below. For any concerns over this, please contact the club captain or director of hockey.